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The most beautiful wall stickers to decorate your kid's bedroom
Wall stickers OCEAN
Set 'Ocean' contains 31 large and beautiful stickers straight from a fabulous ocean world. Here, you can meet a lot of various creatures like fish, turtles, crabs, sea horses and even a whale. A chest full of treasures is awaiting all little explorers.
Price: 69,- EUR
Wall stickers AFRICA
In a few minutes you can turn your child's bedroom into a fabulous world of Africa, where the brave traveller marvels at African wildlife and meets a lot of friendly animals. One set contains 20 big stickers.
Price: 69,- EUR
Wall stickers MEADOW
With set 'Meadow' you will transform you child's bedroom into a fabulous garden buzzing with flowers and lots of merry inhabitants like a jolly frog, colorful butterflies, bees, ladybirds and snails. One set contains 31 stickers.
Price: 69,- EUR
Wall stickers ELVES
Welcome to the fairyland of Elves, the dream world of every little girl. The Elves set contains 31 big stickers, including four beautiful Elves. STAR Elf illuminates the sky in the night. BUTTERFLY Elf is a friend of all butterflies. FLOWER Elf looks after flowers. GOLDEN Elf makes all kids' dreams come true.
Price: 69,- EUR
Wall stickers DRIVE
If you wish to decorate your son's bedroom, the world of motoring is the best choice. Every little man will certainly find something for himself in this set: fire engine, police car, motorcycle, high-class convertible, off-road car, as well as an aircraft for sky-high travels. One set contains 11 big stickers.
Price: 69,- EUR
Wall stickers OUTER SPACE
Set 'Outer Space' contains 37 large wall stickers. With this set every young man dreaming of faraway travels will be able to create a planetarium in their own bedroom.
Price: 49,- EUR
Wall stickers SPORT
Set 'Sport' contains 15 large stickers. A healthy mind in a health body, that's the principle the characters of this collection certainly live by.
Price: 49,- EUR
Wall stickers PICNIC
Set 'Picnic' contains 28 large stickers. Everyone who loves summer and would like to enjoy it in their child's bedroom all year round should have this set.
Price: 49,- EUR
Wall stickers ISLAND
Set 'Island' contains 25 large stickers. Castaways from Antarctica, a seal and a captain penguin, are setting out in search of a new land. Unfortunately, on their way they come across a whale and a parrot sailing under a pirate flag.
Price: 49,- EUR
You can order 2 types of wallpaper:
- Non-woven vinyl wallpaper, or
- Wallpaper made of synthetic paper (latex)
Prices: check in shop
Why are the
wall stickers so unique?
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It's easy! Stickers are designed
to be stuck onto smooth surfaces
painted with emulsion paint
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FLY MY BUTTERFLY® - stickers are unique, safe for children and made from the highest quality materials completely in the European Union. We are convinced you will be delighted with our products.
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