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The most beautiful wall stickers to decorate your kid's bedroom
  • Stickers are designed to be stuck onto smooth surfaces painted with emulsion (water based) paints.
  • Please note that synthetic paints (for example latex paints) do not let graphics stick.
  • Before sticking all the stickers please carry out a 24-hour test on the test sticker (also delivered) to ensure that the wall is suitably prepared.
  • In case of problems with grip, please contact us,- we will send you a special glue for all surfaces (fees incl. dispatch Germany-wide: 4,95 EUR).

How to apply stickers to the wall:

instrukcja 1. Take the sheets out from the tube and unfold them on a flat surface.

2. Plan your design. Make sure the wall surface is clean, dry and free from grease or dust.

3. Remove a single sticker form the sheet. Be careful not to damage its delicate parts, e.g. insects' antennae.

4. Apply a sticker to the wall, and press it slowly starting from the bottom.

5. Bigger features e.g. flowers should be cut out from the sheet beforehand. Start the application from the bottom. Gradually remove the sticker from the sheet and, at the same time, press it to the wall.
You can reposition the stickers in many ways so as to obtain the best effect.

In order to guarantee safety make sure children do not eat the stickers. Keep the stickers away from fire.

The stickers' durability range is up to 3 years, indoors.
Use a slightly damp sponge to wipe the stickers.
Do not scrape dirt off the sticker. Any scraping may damage the sticker.
Why are the
wall stickers so unique?
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It's easy! Stickers are designed
to be stuck onto smooth surfaces
painted with emulsion paint
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FLY MY BUTTERFLY® - stickers are unique, safe for children and made from the highest quality materials completely in the European Union. We are convinced you will be delighted with our products.
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